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May 14, 2009 · Sanding Polymer Clay Beads in a Rock Tumbler I’ve seen so many questions about this technique on the Internet that I had to share what I’ve learned from my experiments. I prefer vibratory tumblers to rolling tumblers because they’re quieter and work more quickly.
Avoiding this type of contamination is easy: just thoroughly clean the rocks, the tumbler barrel, and your tools when you change from one grit size to another. Another way that contamination occurs is when you use rocks that have a granular texture or are brittle. These rocks might break or shed grains or fragments in the tumbler.Smithsonian Rock Tumbler This is for a rock tumbler that we used last year for home schooling. We used the one batch of grit and rocks that came with it . You will need to add your own grit and rocks. We also gatd rocks on field trips that we thought might tumble well, but we never got around to doing them. I will include them. A very common problem that causes tumbler belt failure is a belt that is too tight. On most tumblers you can easily adjust the tension on the belt by loosening the mounting screws on the motor and moving the motor. Move it away from the drive shaft to tighten the belt and towards the drive shaft to loosen it. (See photo at right.)
You will also get an instruction booklet with detailed information on how to go about using this rock tumbler. This tumbler has a 115V motor in it, which is fairly powerful and able to polish up a variety of rocks and materials quickly. The biggest problem with this rock tumbler is by far its problem with the belt.
The Lortone belts for the 3A tumblers retail for less than $2 each. Tumblers are designed to run 24/7 for years. The motors of both brands of tumblers I own are working just fine after 5-6 years of hard use. A Heads-Up. The HF brand tumblers have a very strong and unpleasant rubber odor that takes a couple of weeks to dissipate.
Introduction to Rock Tumbler and Lapidary Kits. The rock tumbler comes in many different types and brands, they are available in a variety of sizes (and to some extent shapes) and they are manufactured to meet the needs and expectations of the users whom they are aimed at on an individual basis.
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